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Regular maintenance of people

Casual Meeting


I coach the person, not the problem.

Coaching is an investment in yourself and your future. Being a transformative experience, you will feel empowered in ways you may never have thought possible.

When you partner with me as your coach, you will soon find that you already have the answers to many of your most important questions about yourself and your life, business, work, and more. As your coach I will simply help you unlock them.

We will form a partnership where you will

  • become a more effective Leader

  • be able to navigate change

  • manage varying demands

  • improve self-confidence

Team Meeting


Team coaching is the process of helping teams to achieve their goals.

Very often the team is not a high performing team, and the team leader needs to consider:

  • What will the future demand of my team?

  • What kind of improvement in my team would the customer demand?

  • What does your team need you to be better at?

​Results of team coaching include increases in departmental or organisational revenue and more engaged and effective employees - that are also happy in their jobs.

Business Consultation


Mentoring differs from coaching sessions, because it happens over a longer period of time and with a lower meeting frequency.

Mentoring is a process where you are supported in your personal development and in your professional development. During the sessions, I will be your advisor sharing my knowledge and experience as a leader. Though it is often a conversation, my coaching approach will help you quicker towards your goals.

The mentoring sessions provide you with insights, help you to reflect and focus on improving your performance and thrive in your role.

I provide mentorships in two verticals; one relating to your leadership development and one relating specifically to you as a HR professional.

Reviewing Reports at Desk


Assessments add value only when they help you answer questions and solve problems. Predominantly it is a tool that is great for further personal and professional development.

Asessments can be individual, 360 degree and organisational assessments. The answers they provide will help you identify gaps, set a plan, take action, and drive results for you and your business.

Assessments are powerful tools when you need to build up a new team, repairing a poor team spirit, and detect blind spots. They provide people with a better understanding of how they can work together in a way that makes the company a great place to work. Assessments also open up for a conversation about difficult matters. Discussing why and how to resolve is the first step towards a sustainable change.

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