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Building up the HR Function

The HR function is a strategic support function to the leadership team and their leaders. The design of the function depends on the company's organisational set up and the business strategy.

The business focused HR function cares about the company's customers the same way the people in the business do. They know how the business is run.

To build a strong HR function, the Head of HR must understand what the business needs from HR to do their business well. And HR needs to excel in their deliverables.

A business focused HR function focus on solving business problems  - not generating solutions looking for a problem.

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HR Strategy

Issues with the employee experience can sidetrack your business strategy. And no matter how great a product the company has, the lack of motivation and skills of the employees can prevent a business to achieve its goals and meet the demands of its stakeholders.

The HR strategy can outline where the most important people investments should be and draw a clear line of sight from the business strategy to the HR strategy.

And as a time constraint HR director or a new CHRO, I can help you create a strategic agenda that supports the business in areas like Succession Planning, Performance Management, Compensation Process, Talent Management, Organisational Review, Agility Health Check, Purchase of HR system.

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High Performing Leadership Team

Often leadership teams are so busy that they only focus on achieving results and do not spend time to reflect on how the results were achieved during the process.

After this workshop, the leadership team will be in agreement about the goals, the conditions and the demands in order to succeed and how to do this together.

The leadership team will feel more comfortable with each other and have a greater insight in the team's strengths and development areas. 

The leadership team will have learned how to cooperate optimally through a new framework and a new set of game rules.

Such a cohesive team will fight jointly for meeting the business objectives and fulfill the strategy. 

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HR Business Partner Program

The ability of strategic HR business partners can help a business to set and implement the business strategy.

In this program they will learn the key elements of running a business, and learn how to see the business from the CEO's perspective.

They will learn how to build the capabilities in the organisation needed for the success of the business strategy, and they will help and guide the business in what works and what doesn't.

They will learn to focus on solving business problems, not generating solutions looking for a problem.

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New Leader Program

When an employee is promoted to the first or second leadership position, they are often left alone in the new role. Very often, it's up to them how they perform in their leadership role. 

To better understand the transition from being an individual contributor to a leader of others, a lot of training and insights are needed. 

Not just in the practical parts of leadership but also

  • how do I value leadership work,

  • how do I prioritise my time and

  • which new skills do I need to learn to become a success and to love being a leader.

This training can be done with team of leaders in the company and also in a bespoke program for just one leader. 

Staff Meeting

Change Management

Often when a new strategy is launched to encompass real change, the likelihood of being successful depends on to which extend the employees embrace the change.

Up to 75% of a successfully implemented strategy depend on whether the employees are having the right competencies and the motivation to go through the change. 

Often these changes becomes a matter of cultural change, where values, culture and brand identity lead to the conversations about the purpose and the vision of the company.

And it must be tied back to the customers and the marketplace impact to bring value and real change.

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